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Our aim is to develop positive values, independence and self-confidence. We believe children should be encouraged to develop at their own pace. We, therefore, provide many opportunities for them to discover, question, experience, find out, explore, imagine and experiment. Activities are well planned and evaluated; children are regularly observed so their next stage of development can be planned for and encouraged. Your child is now helped to take more responsibility for their actions and daily routines ready to prepare them for the wider world of school. Our priority is to make you and your family feel happy and to establish a relationship with yourselves on good communication and trust.

Ladybirds (LE1) & Ducklings (LE2)

(0-15 months) Staff Ratio 1:3

Staff in the Ladybirds and Ducklings are dedicated to providing much love and stimulation for the babies in their care. Alongside tending to the babies wellbeing LE uses treasure baskets to enhance their development.

Treasure baskets enable children to develop their cognitive development, this is done through exploring objects using their senses. Heuristic play describes the activity and play with babies and children as they play with and explore the properties of the different ‘objects’ in these baskets These baskets are incorporated into the rooms at LE nursery for children to explore in their own time. It is a great source to encourage children to independently choose an object and explore its properties.

Monkeys (LE1) & Squirrels (LE2)

(24-36 Months) Staff Ratio 1:4

The staff in the Monkey and Squirrels room are dedicated to providing a caring, stimulating, and safe environment in which the children can learn and develop. In the Monkey and Dolphin room, the staff plan their activities around the individual needs of the children following the Early Years Foundation Stage. The staff in these rooms observe and assess each child’s development and record their progress in their Foundation Stage profile. These are readily available in the parent’s information boxes. Parent information boxes are located in each room, we use them to pass on information to yourselves. The six areas of learning are promoted inside and outside through routines, free play and adult-led activities.

Dolphins (LE1) & Butterflies (LE2)

(36 - 48+ Months) Staff Ratio 1:8

Preparing children for school is our priority for this age group. As they begin their gentle introduction to a more structured setting, preparing them for their school years ahead, children further develop their listening and communication skills.

Taking turns and fully participating in the activities for the day is all part of their pre-school learning though always with flexibility to allow for child-led activities. Children starting school after their pre-school years with LE are confident and full of self-esteem,ready to start their formal education years, forging new friendships and continue on their learning journey.

Honeybees (LE2) & Bumblebees (LE1)

(15 - 24 Months) Staff Ratio 1:3

Honeybees and bumblebees care for children between the ages of 15 months and 24 months. The rooms are spacious with lots of natural light and the children have access to our lovely gardens

Whilst play is still the focus of the day, more focused learning experiences are introduced at this stage. Activities are designed to offer the opportunity for your child to explore large movements, vision, manipulative skills, hearing, speech, social and spontaneous play.

We mainly use natural resources and materials designed to stimulate the senses.

There is a quiet area within the rooms for your child to sleep and this is generally done as a group to ensure everyone gets the rest they still need at this stage in their development.

Chipmunks (LE2)

(Younger 3's) Staff ratio 1:6

Our younger 3 year olds move to our Chipmunk room at Little Einsteins 2

When children begin this stage of their nursery life we are able to introduce more educational-based activities, with the emphasis still being very much about having fun.

The children begin learning some very important lessons so a wide range of themed activities are designed to aid their development and prepare them for their final move with the Butterflies/Dolphin rooms

The room looks onto our lovely garden where the children have the opportunity to explore and watch for our visitors (squirrels) who often pop in to say hello :)

The Garden LE2

We believe outdoor play and exploration are an essential part of learning and growing up. So we have developed our gardens to provide children with the greatest variety of experiences, challenges and controlled risks.The equipment and activities in our gardens nurture healthy and active fun through climbing, cycling, mini trampoline, sand and water play, planting, mark-making and lots of mini sports equipmentIn our gardens children can learn and interact with natural elements; they can be little scientists when exploring the garden, get messy in the mud kitchen or they can climb or build dens around it.The children will use their imagination and creativity with dinosaurs, trucks, and diggers

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